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Your career at the Kativik School Board



For those who have made the decision to join our team, and move to Nunavik for work, the cost of transporting your belongings is covered by the Board. You will live in a furnished dwelling for less than $228 per month, deducted directly from your pay.

If you ever need to store the furniture you leave behind, we will reimburse you for the costs (different conditions if you work for the Adult sector or for vocational training).

Managers who are beneficiaries of the JBNQA, occupying a regional position with the Board, and live in a dwelling of the municipality, are entitled to an allowance of $400 to $750 per month.




Isolation and remoteness premium

An annual separation and remoteness allowance of $10,015 up to $ 20,825, depending on the community of assignment and if you have dependents, is available to everyone.

Retention premium

An annual retention premium of between $5,500 and $9,000 is awarded to teachers with Québec qualifications, professional staff, and all managers who meet the requirements of their specific job.


Other advantages



Return home!

For those who have made the decision to join our team, and move to Nunavik for work, you have 3 round trips to your point of departure per school year for you and your dependents. The employee may also choose not to use one of his/her trips and transfer it to a family member or friend to visit.

Food transport

We must eat!

To offset the high cost of food in Nunavik, we offer the possibility of grocery shopping remotely and transportation costs to your community are paid by the Board. A Government of Canada contribution program to help northern residents in isolated communities access nutritious perishable foods further reduces your grocery bill.


We all need it!

All regular employees are entitled to vacation, of at least 20 days, up to 30 in certain cases (in proportion to the time worked).

Teachers have 8 consecutive weeks off normally placed between early June and mid-August. Also, teachers have a week off during the winter semester.

The Board is closed during Christmas time. You can choose to stay in Nunavik and enjoy local festivities or go home and visit family and friends.

Summer hours

Our activities do not stop during the summer!

However, we have a summer schedule which includes reduced hours of work, without salary loss.

Group Insurance Program

Stay healthy!

All employees are entitled to at least 6 days of renewable sick-days each year. In addition, everyone is entitled to 10 days a year for family obligations. You are also entitled to days for medical appointments.

Each employee also benefits from a salary insurance in case of prolonged illness.

The Board offers a group insurance program (drug and other health insurance) at a low cost.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Need to talk to someone?

The Board provides access to an employee and family assistance program, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (career counseling, financial advice, psychology services, etc.).

Pension plan

For the future!

The Board offers an advantageous retirement program. Administered by Retraite Québec, non-management employees belong to the Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan (RREGOP) and the managers participate in the Management Retirement Plan (RRPE).

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